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  1. Audit of transfer pricing obligations – identification of risk in the context of existing transfer pricing obligations, determination of affiliated entities, identification of transactions subject to transfer pricing obligations, verification and evaluation of transfer pricing documentation prepared until now.
  2. Preparation of transfer pricing documentation – creation of transfer pricing documentation on a running basis or if the submission of pricing documentation is requested by a tax authority, preparation of the local file and the master file, the possibility of analysing the comparability of transaction prices by means of market data.
  3. Analysis of comparative data – preparation of an analysis dedicated to the taxpayer’s specific activity that takes account of key parameters of the entrepreneur’s business activity, analysis of general profitability of the industry or transaction category concerned, the use of professional tools for the performance a benchmarking analysis.
  4. Permanent service with regard to transfer pricing – elaboration and updating of transfer pricing documentation, analysis of comparative data, transfer pricing consultations, thematic training courses, representation in disputes with tax authorities.
  5. Advisory services with regard to restructuring processes – services regarding the transfer of economically important assets/functions/risk between affiliated entities, advisory services concerning the formation of the transaction structure aimed at reaching the highest level of tax efficiency while maintaining the tax safety of the transaction(s).


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