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Legal protection of the taxpayer in confrontation with tax authorities – support in contacts with tax authorities, representation before courts with regard to tax disputes and in penal fiscal matters.

Detailed description of services:

Support during and in the event of a potential tax inspection, a customs & fiscal inspection, tax proceedings and audit activities. Full representation of the taxpayer before tax authorities, preparation of the most beneficial strategy of action in the case of contact with tax authorities and in disputes to be resolved before administrative courts. Ad hoc emergency support

We offer:

  • preparation of the taxpayer and its employees for contact with tax authorities in the course of various procedures,
  • implementation of procedures in the entity that determine the course of action for persons authorised to contact tax authorities both in cases when the action is initiated by a tax authority and when the taxpayer submits a request to a tax authority, e.g., a request for ascertainment of excess payment, an application for a certificate, adjustment of a tax return, etc.
  • analysis and verification of actions undertaken by a tax authority,
  • preparation of all letters, applications and requests to tax authorities for the purpose of obtaining the best decision in the given matter for the customer, e.g., remarks to the inspection report, a request for taking proof, remarks to the proof taking report, complaints and other documents submitted in the course of an inspection or tax proceedings,
  • drawing up of applications for interpretations of provisions of tax law,
  • preparation of appeals to higher-instance bodies and provincial administrative courts and cassation appeals to the Supreme Administrative Court,
  • full representation of the customer before tax authorities and courts,
  • tax advisory services with regard to matters concluded with a final decision in respect of the use of special procedures for challenging tax decisions, particularly with regard to ascertaining the invalidity of the decision and reopening of proceedings, as well as the preparation of relevant applications and the exercise of proceedings in this respect,
  • conducting of training courses aimed at preparing company employees to act properly in the case of contact with tax authorities in the course of all procedures.

The aforementioned services concern all taxes existing in Poland, including personal income tax, corporate income tax, VAT, excise tax, local taxes, charges and customs duties, and within the scope of the tax law of any other country, if it is related to the type of activity undertaken by the customer.


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