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  1. Current advisory services in tax matters, particularly with regard to:
    – value-added tax (VAT),
    – excise tax,
    – income taxes (CIT, PIT),
    – withholding tax (WHT),
    – tax on civil law transactions,
    – local taxes and charges.
    Verification of documents and planned business transactions in terms of their taxation. Provision of current information on changes in tax laws and on most recent decisions of administrative courts / tax interpretations that may have an impact on tax settlements under way.
  2. Drawing up of applications for interpretations of provisions of tax law, preparation of legal & tax opinions, draft agreements and other documents. Analysis of presented issues in terms of taxation and the justifiability of applying for individual interpretation of provisions of tax laws (analysis of potential benefits and negative tax risks).
  3. Representation before public administration bodies and before administrative courts in tax matters, in particular: elaboration of an operational strategy in specific tax or legal administrative proceedings, preparation of procedural documents, providing the Customer with current information about the progress of the proceedings, representation before specific tax authorities and administrative courts during scheduled hearings or sessions.
  4. Training courses in tax law, including: determination of the thematic scope and the date(s), provision of training materials, logistic service and the place of the course (proposed location: ADN Conference Centre).
  5. Services within the scope of specific projects – comprehensive elaboration of tax optimal structures of business activity, preparation of documents necessary for the implementation of a new structure (applications for individual interpretations of tax law, registration documents, etc.), permanent advisory services within the scope concerned.
  6. Performance of tax audits – comprehensive analysis of the correctness of settlements of tax liabilities with regard to the indicated tax(es): CIT, PIT, VAT, excise tax, tax on civil law transactions and local taxes and charges, identification of tax risks and potential optimisation areas.


  • Podatki pośrednie (VAT / Akcyza)

    Indirect taxes (VAT / Excise tax)

  • Podatki bezpośrednie (CIT / PIT)

    Direct taxes (CIT / PIT)

  • Podatek u źródła (WHT)

    Withholding tax (WHT)

  • Podatek od nieruchomości

    Real property tax


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