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  1. Advisory services with regard to international restructuring of business entities – advisory services regarding transformations, mergers, divisions of entities operating in Poland and abroad; restructuring of ownership and operational structures in the case of running cross-border activity.
  2. Advisory services with regard to the application of provisions of international agreements and conventions for the purposes of avoiding double taxation of income and property – determination of rules of taxation of income earned outside Poland by Polish tax residents, taxation of non-residents’ business activity in Poland, advisory services regarding the effective recovery of taxes paid outside Poland.
  3. Advisory services with regard to taxation of foreign transactions – determination of rules of taxation of trilateral transactions and chain transactions in particular states, advisory services with regard to the optimisation of VAT taxation of cross-border transactions and the charging of foreign transactions with tax on civil law transactions.
  4. Advisory services with regard to the taxation of income of natural persons other than entrepreneurs from foreign sources – determination of rules of taxation of income in respect of the employment relationship, civil law agreements, remuneration for members of the management board and supervisory boards; advisory services regarding the taxation of sales of movable assets and real property; determination of rules of income taxation in respect of the disposal of shares/stocks in foreign entities.
  5. Tax compliance – dedicated service for entities doing business outside Poland, based on the creation of procedures for verifying the correctness of taxation of transactions concluded both in and outside Poland; comprehensive analysis of correctness of fulfilment of payers’ obligations connected with withholding tax, including the calculation of withholding tax, the acquisition of tax residence certificates and the preparation of tax returns; support in the settlement of expats.


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