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  1. Current tax service of business activity conducted outside the territory of Poland – advisory services regarding VAT, CIT and PIT applicable in all EU states, dedicated particularly for Shared Services Center (SSC), representation in tax disputes outside Poland, recovery of VAT paid in any EU state and outside EU.
  2. Implementation and verification of reporting through SAF-T – identification of systems and databases, performance of an audit aimed at identifying differences in data collected by the taxpayer towards SAF-T requirements, mapping of data to SAF-T lines.
  3. HR & payroll outsourcing – accounting services, preparation of tax returns, social security (ZUS), Central Statistical Office (GUS), NBP and Intrastat declarations, preparation of financial statements, reviews of accounting records for previous reporting periods, archiving of documents, HR service.
  4. Protection against the potential imposition of penalties by the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) – creation and giving opinions on documents subject to inspection by UOKiK, permanent monitoring of the register of abusive clauses, creation of legal solutions in accordance with consumer laws, representation in disputes before UOKiK.
  5. Obtaining of grants for the conduct of business activity – identification of sources of financing of the project, monitoring of available funds, assessment of chances for financial aid from EU funds, analysis of possibilities of use of EU funds, preparation and submission of a grant application.


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